Our Style


We focus on individualizing each photo shoot to the personality and expectation of our client. Most of the backgrounds & props you see in our images are real and on location. However, we also enjoy doing composites from time to time. Composites are the blending of two or more images (usually a studio portrait with an on location background).

While we do occasionally coach our clients to turn their head or body a certain way to enhance asthetics, we don't typically use a lot of formal posing. We prefer instead to set a stage that allows us to capture natural emotion & human interaction.

Editting / Post-Processing

In the digital era, knowing what to do with an image after it comes out of the camera is just as important as knowing how to capture a good image to start with.Techinques and styles of editting images are continually changing. We have put a lot of time into researching and developing our post processing techniques.

Except for opening someones eyes in a group shot, we typically do not add items into our images that weren't there to begin with. We do however spend a lot of time fine tuning and enhancing images to meet our clients expectations. We are experienced in facial & body touch up. We can give you that Hollywood look or leave things looking more Boulder depending on individual tastes.

As demonstrated by the images on our website we are able to produce both dramatic images that "pop" and look almost surreal as well as soft and artistic looking images.

We welcome client input and ideas in both capturing and processing our images. Our goal is to have the images represent you well & be something that you're proud to display and share with others.

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