About Us

Joe McGlasson & Sheree Montoya

Primarily self taught since 2004, Joe's initial interest was landscape & nature photography. In 2008, JS McToya Photographic Images was born and he began photographing people professionally. Since then he has been focused on working with clients to produce high quality images of themselves and loved ones. He's continually studying photographic & post-processing techniques. He's always striving to improve both the technical and creative sides of his images.

Sheree has been interested in photography since her highschool days. Before the days of digital, she was exposed to working in traditional darkrooms. She's always loved portrait work and the way it allows her to interact with others. Although she has a strong understanding of traditional portrait techniques, Sheree routinely discards those guidelines in favor of creativity. A picture she took of her children is in the National Library of Photography.

Two for One
Usually both will attend shoots and at times they are simutaneously taking pictures. Joe's knowledge of lighting & post processing techniques combined with Sheree's creativity and disregard for tradition make for a unique pairing. Because of this balance they are able to provide their clients with a variety of both traditional and original looking images to choose from.

Every image has a story....let us tell yours.

When asked what objects they would take out of a burning home, people often respond...pictures (or in today's world..digital images). These images connect people to important memories. Memories such as the joys of parenthood, the excitement of young adulthood and the overwhelming emotions of a wedding day. We understand the importance these images have in people's lives and the stories they represent. Therefore we strive to provide our clients with the best quality images possible and have the process of making these images be as enjoyable as possible.

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